Dementia UK Cake Sale

Dementia UK Cake Sale

Thursday 12th March 2020

Dear Hayley,

From the family carer who desperately needs advice on a Sunday evening when little other help is available, to the daughter struggling to make sense of recent changes in mum's behaviour, your recent gift of £139.75 means so very much to people facing dementia.

Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through our Admiral Nurse service. When things get challenging or difficult for people with dementia and their families, Admiral Nurses work alongside them, giving the one-to-one support, guidance and practical solutions they need.

Today we have over 250 Admiral Nurses providing a lifeline for families living with dementia. In 2018/19 we helped over 60,000 people through our Admiral Nurses and via our Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline. Your donation will mean that we can be there for even more families affected by dementia.

Once again, on behalf of Dementia UK, Admiral Nurses and the carers we support, thank you for helping us be there for families facing dementia.

Yours sincerely

Hilda Hayo
Chief Admiral Nurse and Chief Executive
Dementia UK